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Pumping Schedule We will work with you to create and review a personalized pumping schedule to maximize your milk production.

Skin-to-Skin contact supports the emotional, psychological and physical well-being of the child and parent. It reinforces the bonding and attachment between baby and parents. We will teach you more about skin-to-skin contact.

Non-nutritive sucking Babies find sucking to be soothing. That’s why you see so many babies with pacifiers. If your baby is on a breathing tube, you’ll need to wait until that is removed before your baby can begin non-nutritive sucking at the breast. You will need to pump your breast first so your baby doesn’t get milk until she’s ready.

Ann works with millennial moms, biological nurturing, obesity, feeding toddlers, lactation diagnosis and treatment of sore nipples and information moms really need.  She can also work with you and your baby on breastfeeding positions and proper latch technique and address any breastfeeding challenges you may face.

Ann’s has a diverse background background as a nurse practitioner and lactation specialist and can….. (background info).

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